When boosting the immune system are we boosting the existing cells or the ones our body will create?

When we consume Vit C or take other immune boosting supplements does our body use those vitamins to boost the current cells in our body or is it used for cells that our body will be creating in our bone marrow? I have proposed this question to several immunologist and one time to a nutritionist. Every time I have received the answer, "I don't know." 

I am immuno compromised and on plasma replacement therepy. That is why I ask. 


Edit: i have a very limited immune system. My body does not produce adequate white blood cells and is is severely deficient or none existent in many subcategories. So something taken to help the immune system that has yet to be produced by my body is irrelevant but if the current cells, that I inject into my blood, uses those vitamins then it would be helpful. 

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  • 8 months ago
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    "Boosting your immune system" isn't really a concept that has a biological basis. As long as your body is well nourished, as long as you don't have a vitamin deficiency, as long as you are rested and basically take care of yourself, your immune system will be working as well as it can. Taking additional vitamin C or "immune boosting supplements" won't make your immune system work any better. 

    Only if you have vitamin deficiencies that your diet isn't meeting will taking a supplement benefit you. It will benefit all aspects of your body, including your immune system. But again, you can't really boost your immunity by taking supplements of any kind.

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