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Picking a new martial art style?

Okay so I did Krav Maga for like a year.  Enjoyed it.  Found it to be good for real life fights.

I like how it helps you fight 2+ people (all sides/angles) and 2 vs 1 drills we did.

Weapon defenses/disarms (not many fighting styles have that).

Used by many law enforcement agencies/academies in the United States.  3 of my instructors were certified as "Advanced Law Enforcement Defensive Tactics" instructors and do provide training for police departments.

Very much used by the Israeli police and military (including special forces)

Somewhat used by the US marines.

Realistic fighting moves.

Taught how to escape grabs.  

3 of my classmates were army veterans (one was a ranger) and all agree they shoulda done Krav Maga BEFORE joining the army.

In one studio I was at, HALF the students were either military or law enforcement.

However one drawback is that it lacks FULL CONTACT SPARRING.  It involves like light contact sparring.

So I was thinking about taking Muay Thai or Kick Boxing or anyother FULL CONTACT fighting style.  FULL CONTACT sparring will best prepare me for a REAL fight (bar fights, street fights, road rages, etc)

So does muay thai have full contact sparring?  Which would be better for real fighting (muay thai or kick boxing)?  Are there anyother STRIKING styles with FULL CONTACT sparring you recommend?

P.S. I might still stick with Krav Maga.  I did try one class of BJJ, Muay Thai, and Krav Maga and chose Krav Maga.  However I might take 2 styles at once m

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    looks like you made up your mind krav maga is good for street fight. other martial arts are good for competing in Olympics like judo , karate or takewando. BJJ and muay thai are good for competing in MMA

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  • 1 month ago

    A lot of what you're talking about depends on the gym. I'm sure there are Krav Maga schools that go hard in sparring. 

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  • 1 month ago


    Krav maga is a con. Have you actually tried fighting two people in a bar, i doubt it, or those stupid weapons disarms that will undoubtedly get you killed.

    Certified "Advanced Law Enforcement Defensive Tactics", is a BS cert from Israeli Krav Maga Association and not the America.

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    First off every style has all that, and most styles are used by law enforcement in the united states. They do not just teach one style at a police academy they teach multiple styles.

    And no what you learned is not used by the Israeli military,or police, You learned a stripped down civilian version which is augment with other martial art styles. What that teach to the israeli military would be useless to a civilian.

    being certified as "Advanced Law Enforcement Defensive Tactics"  is a krav maga con, the certification is only giving through there organization and is not an official law enforcement agency certification.

    If you need to take more then one style to be complete then your style isnt complete. 

    Traditional martial arts are complete systems, and teach weapons disarms, ground fighting, multiple people. provide you find a good instructor.

    There are tens of thousands of styles I could name, If i mention one that is not in your area what good is it too you.

    You pick a school based on how good the instructor is and not by the style

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  • 1 month ago

    If you haven't tried kick boxing yet, you should.  Then make the decision.

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Pick the one you like lol. Light sparring isn't bad btw. It's actually better than full contact sparring in many ways.

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      answer makes good point (or none etc); Judo is interesting re randori in that with Correct Preparation & Safety Observances limited randori can be done usefully; much typical sprrng is more sports venue concept; maybe Asker try find an authentic place nearby; also: awareness, avoidance, running, etc

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