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Do you think this concept of spirituality is bullshit?

There is a yogic concept where a person can meditate and transcend beyond his material self and tap into his soul and experience God by meditation.They also believe that there are chakras in our body and they can be seen by meditation and acquiring spiritual knowledge which can help you lead a life bereft of anger, hate, regret , sorrow and pain and transcend beyond these human emotions.

I don't believe in such a concept because i'm an atheist and a materialist.I believe that the material world and the material self is all that really exists.There is no soul.Those who think they have tapped into their spiritual self are just deluded because there is no spirit.There are no chakras and we do not an emit an aura.Spiritualists just think they can see chakras but in reality the chakras are only in their minds and not in the human body.

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    Our minds can do amazing things with the proper training, but we are living souls, body and spirit together. Our spirits are already involved in everything we do.

  • You said your views?

    Good! Then I say mine, and no one can stand in the way of my verdict!

    The chakra, meditation, and other nonsense, are fruits of illusionism, they do NOT exist!

    The person's soul exists, as true as God who created it exists!

    Therefore, do not make your illusions, the Spirit of man exists, it will be judged by God if he does not do good on this earth.

  • 3 months ago

    Yes, totally! I call it horseshit but is smells the same.  

    Ancient myths and folklore of the Storyteller. 

  • 3 months ago

    If you've ever tried to reverse park a Fiat 850T van, you'd realise that the only way to do it is to project your consciousness onto a spiritual plane and observe from above.

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