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my grandma has been having headaces for the past 3 days straight non stop i need a number i can have her call ?

she doesn't want to go to the hospital due to covid 19

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    See if she will agree to go to an urgent care clinic.  Clinics and hospitals are limiting the number of patients in the waiting areas and they require patients to wear a mask and keep a sufficient distance from each other. There is very little risk of COVID from a brief clinic visit.

    You can google "online doctor consultation urgent care" and get a list of online doctors she can chat with.  A credit card is usually needed, but some will take Medicare. 

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    There are urgent care centers that can have her looked at and treated. You usually spend and hour there. Check her insurance and see what urgent care center she can go to. MedExpress is the one I go to

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    Give her some water to drink.

    People are being misdirected by the medical profession into believing that water has no medicinal value. What most people don't realize is that the body is made up of mostly water - for a reason.

    Water regulates every function in the body.

    When a person becomes dehydrated, 8% of the water volume is affected. With the loss of this 8% of water, the vessels tighten up to compensate.

    The tiny vessels in the brain, called "capillaries" sometimes get so void of water that they close up completely. This triggers a signal to the brain that water is needed, and the brain gives you a signal to drink water - pain.

    From around age 20, we all start to lose our perception of thirst (drinking soft drinks and other water substitutes certainly don't help) until, by the time we reach our advanced years, this thirst perception has diminished significantly.

    Just because we don't feel thirsty doesn't mean the body doesn't need water. As long as it is still functioning, it will always need water.

    This is the reason that thirst isn't a reliable sign to determine when to drink water.

    Your grandmother just isn't drinking enough water.

    Be careful when you get her to start drinking more of it - drinking too much when her system is not ready can cause problems as well. She needs to start slowly - a glass or two per day, gradually increasing it until she's properly hydrated - then continue drinking water on a regular basis (not just when she feels thirsty).

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    I'd take some aspirin...cuz that's what I'm used to taking for headaches, tylenol to me is worthless and ineffective....a waste of money.....

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    If she is at risk for a stroke, it might be wise to be seen. You know there are very few Covid-19 patients that are in the hospital, it might be more safe than Walmart!

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    Don't you have  a family Doctor?

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