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What is the best way to chlorinate a small kids pool?

It's one of those inflatable 10 foot by 6 foot by 22 inches tall. I think it holds probably 200 gallons so I hate to refill it and waste water.

Anyone know what I can do?

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  • 4 months ago

    You should visit a pool store or check you-tube for videos here. You will not only need to chlorinate, you'll also need to prevent algae. This is a bit tricky for small pools. you don't want to put too much of either into the pool and you won't want your kids swimming in very harsh chemicals. Be careful what you add. Don't just "dump bleach" into the water. That can cause serious skin problems in kids or animals, and it's VERY bad for the environment when you do dump the water.

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  • 4 months ago

    Dump some bleach into it. 

  • Mr. P
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    4 months ago

    Tell your kids not to piss in it - and shower before getting in.

    Unless they actually want to swim in a toilet.

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  • Tulip
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    4 months ago

    Go to the pool place and ask

  • 4 months ago

    at pool supply store, get one or two 3 inch chlorine tabs. open it, put inside a heavy duty plastic baggie and break the tab up. you want to drop a small amount into the pool when the kids go to bed. -- it'll dissolve overnight

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  • 4 months ago

    Unless you've got a circulating filtration system, chlorine isn't going to help you.

  • y
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    4 months ago

    Chlorine can help extend the life a little, but not too long without some sort of filtering.

    You buy one of those little pool test kits that can test chlorine and PH. Use bleach and for that pool, I'd start with half a cup at night, once it's dark, then test in the morning to see if levels are safe.  Too much by a lot, add some water. Too much by a little, and the sun will burn it off throughout the day.  Use the morning readings to dictate how much you should add at night.

  • Barry
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    4 months ago

    Ask the pool shop guy where you buy the chemical to work out the dosage.

    You should also buy a testing kit so that you can monitor the chlorine levels. Too much and the kids will get sore eyes. Too little and bacteria will remain.

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  • elhigh
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    4 months ago

    Bleach. Seriously. That's what bleach is, is chlorine. About two cups will work for that size.  But that's a minimal approach and not effective against heavier contaminant loads.  

    You can also get a little floating dealie that holds chlorine tabs. Kids go in, floatie comes out. Kids come out, floatie goes in. Simple, easy, cheap.  Considerably more effective.

    Put a cover on your pool. Not only does it keep out a lot of debris and stuff that blows in over time, but it will also sharply reduce water loss due to evaporation, keep the water a bit warmer, and block sunlight which will sharply reduce algae growth.

    None of this is free but it won't break the bank either.  Spend another few bucks and get a simple kit of test strips so you can be sure you're getting the chemical treatment levels right.  It only takes a few minutes to do and it's easy.

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