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What is the risk of my catching leptospirosis from my dog?

My dog often goes to sewage and gets dirty. I have to wash him but during washing him the water sprinkles into my nose, mouth and skin. I fear I may catch lepto. I never come in contact with his urine.


I wash him with plain water.

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    Why are you spamming this dross yet again blue Warthogs have more brainpower than you obviously

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  • patty
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    block off the dirty area. Contact the landlord and get this area blocked off. u don't seem to be concerned too much about the health of your dog, Be concernend about his health and do something about this dirty problem then u will be healthier too, Stop letting him loose where he can get at the sewer. Keep him on the leash or whatever.

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    OMG!!! NO!!  Yes you can get it from your dog.  You have a good reason to be 'concerned'.  It kills dogs & it is an awful death.

    In reality, not likely.  I know you are a troll but I was just playin' along. lol

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    Stop letting your dog run loose.   Theres worse things than lepto that he can pick up in sewage

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    You have REPEATEDLY ASKED this - WHY?  The question has been ANSWERED.  If you do not trust what we have already posted in your PREVIOUS questions (of the exact same wording) then call up YOUR DOCTOR!  

    The simple solution is to GET THE DOG VACCINATED to prevent HIM contracting LEPTO - "if" your vet has not ALREADY INCLUDED "Lepto" in any prior vaccines.  So call up your vet..... and ASK!.

    Of course the SMARTER solution is prevent the dog (and then possibly YOU) from contracting MORE than JUST "Lepto" by NOT to letting him lie in SEWAGE water.

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