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Daughters eating habits worsen ?

My almost 6 year has always been a snacker but always ate her food in October she announced she no longer wanted to eat meat, and after that it’s been no food at all besides snacks (fruit snacks, goldfish etc) she refuses pedisure & ANY TYPE OF FOOD. She’ll just cry instead & make me feel like * . She’s only 40 pounds I don’t know what to do anymore . I don’t understand why she is refusing any foods. 

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    Our children rarely snacked...i never bought gold fish, crackers, chips, cereals...processed junk..

    I cooked, we had meals 3 times a day.

    A snack might be a carrot, snap pea or an apple.

    So stop buying junk food and she'll eat.

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  • art
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    1 month ago

    she needs a good spanking every mealtime where she refuses to eat her meal, there will be a lot of tears but she will learn in the end

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    Has she had any sort of trauma around eating or meal times? Allergic reactions? Choking? Food poisoning? Does she have other behaviors not-related to food? Like sensory sensitivity? Has she been pretty much allowed to snack whenever she wants and have her preferred foods? I had a picky eater who had food allergies on top of a neuro-developmental disorder and I absolutely admit that I gave in and let him have preferred foods (snacks generally) when he refused meals because he was so little at the time. That however has been a misery as he's gotten older because now I've set the precedent that I'll let him snack if he howls loud enough. If I could go back and start being firmer with him earlier, I would. I wouldn't force eating meat if it's something she's really passionate about, but snacks are not meals. If she prefers smaller meals, that's fine, but set the expectation that she eats healthy foods. Something that was helpful for me was to have snacks available where my son could reach them and have them at his leisure, I would put out one days' of snacks at a time, when they are gone, they are gone until the next day. Rarely, if ever, are otherwise healthy children going to starve themselves at her age. Relaxing is another key... if you are stressed and frantic, she's going to know and she's going to use that. Forty pounds at her age is a normal weight, calm down, don't make meals a battle, just a matter of fact, we sit down and eat and you won't get extra attention for antics. 

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  • 1 month ago

    No snacks, put the food on the table and if she doesn't eat she will starve, if she sees you will not give into her demands she will soon eat what has been given to her, you have to be more assertive as a parent, Good Luck

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    A child who refuses food and is below average in weight is a child who needs to see her pediatrician--and so does her parent. You both need guidance in nutrition and in the struggle for control, where food is a frequent battleground for the child who feels a lack of control.

    I bet the doctor will suggest you empower her by letting her make many more decisions on things that absolutely don't matter. Let her choose her clothes between two or three choices you offer, or pick which toy comes to bed, or what book is read to her.

    It's a shame you've allowed her to snack on foods that are essentially junk, because when she refuses all foods except that, what are you going to do, starve your baby? The answer is "yes," in that you need to offer her three meals and no snacks. She needs to be hungry enough to eat at meals.

    You tell her first that this change is happening, and always present a small amount of something she'll eat, but less than a portion. So maybe her carb is fish crackers or dry sweetened cereal.

    You can turn nutritious foods into snack-like foods via presentation. Cubed cheese or fruit on toothpicks looks like a snack, for instance. Fruit yogurt frozen in spoon-sized blobs with a piece of straw sticking out does, too.

    That means you don't snack, either. (After she's in bed you can.)

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  • y
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    1 month ago

    I'm sorry, child is 6, parent needs to be the parent.

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