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My 1 month old puppy stopped pooing on the training pad?

Is it too early to train a puppy of <4 weeks?

I adopted a regular breed puppy. His mom got hit by a car after a few weeks. He and his siblings were left all alone after. So I took them to the shelter and decided to adopt one of them.

I took him in and started with milk replacers. He's teething at the moment.

I have taken care of a dog in my life. But my old dog was adopted at about when he was 10 weeks old. So he caught on pretty quickly to poo outside. He's back in my hometown. But I have never taken care of less than a month old puppy.

While the first day he defecated in just a random place. The next time he used the pad when we placed him on top of it. 

For 3 days after, he kept pooing there. (He still pees everywhere). But on the third day evening and the 4th day morning (today, now) he has stopped using the pad at all, even when he is placed there. He steps out and then defecates.

I change these pads regularly making sure they have space. He poops around 3-4 times a day.

What has been changed over the days:

1) Initially I kept him in my room.

2) 3rd day he was exposed to the kitchen where I decided to feed him.

Connected to the kitchen and my room is another room with technically no doors so basically he has access to all three rooms. 

Since then he has been refusing to poo in his usual spot. It's not the case where he's missing the location. He'd poo just right next to it.

What can I do?

Should I stop taking giving him access to the outside rooms/kitchen from now on?


Thank you so much everyone for the reply. 

I kept the one under my care before taking the other three to the shelter (I did not personally take them. I'm sorry for not clearing that up. I do not have a commute vehicle of my own so I asked the help of a friend). That being said, I'm not from the US. I'm not white. I belong to one of the developing countries and animal shelters are quite rare where I live. It's not a real shelter, I called it that to make sense in this context.

Update 2:

The shelter I state here (I do not know the right term, english is not my first language) is a place to put stray animals. There are few volunteers to help feed these animals. Their is no such form of adoption process or anything there.

I'm sorry if this make things worse. I do not have the apartment size to keep all of them. I was more afraid of them being on the streets. I thought I could atleast save one if not all. But if separating them was a bad idea, I'm willing to take him back.

Update 3:

I'm sorry, but my feelings were genuine. I'm not trained, and it shows. I thought I could take care of him the same way as I did for my 1st puppy (I relocated when he was 8 months. He's no longer with me but with my parents). I did try to search Google for answers but they never really did mention the exact age of the puppies but just "puppy", a general term.

We do not have dog trainers here so I cannot consultant anybody.

We do have vets here and I'm yet to take him to one.

Update 4:

I know my updates are very long. But I wanted to keep it as detailed as possible since I felt I was being misjudged.

I'll get rid of the pads, thank you (I've seen online trainers use those pads. Not the same brand but a similar kind, I happened to get). While I asked about the training, i did/do not try to train him nor force the puppy to do anything. I simply placed him once on the pad to see if he just a missed it. I know they can't even have treats at this point for me to train.

Update 5:

The place where I stay have stray/street dogs roaming about without food or water. It's an everyday sight. It's considered normal. These dogs get pregnant and produce. No one to take care of them. It's a bad situation here but I try my best to leave food out while I can. My gut, my heart just screamed at me to give my all for this particular pup.

Thank you all so much for the answers! I understand he's too young. I'll consult with the vet during my appointment tomorrow!

Update 6:

My updates could be out of place here. Sorry.

I'm from Uttarakhand, India. We call it the indie breed (regular breed is the common term). The most neglected breed in India. 

Temperature here goes from 15-23C.I've kept for him a soft bed. He likes to sleep on the floor during the day and hops on to the bed during the night.I've been feeding him 5 times. 6am, 10am, 2pm, 6pm and 10pm. I feed him milk replacements, not solid gruel.

Pad: I put out a new one every new day. One time I changed it twice.

Update 7:

Final update:

I have visited the vet. She examined him and said he is fine and healthy to be with me. Apparently he seemed to be a little over 40 days old. Which I'm very glad about.

He was given a deworming medicine and I was told he'll be getting his first vaccination in 10 days. As for the poo pad, I've stopped using it. I instead lay down newspapers. I'm currently not in a healthy society so taking him out to poo is not recommended.

Update 8:

By "not healthy", I mean random stray dogs everywhere. I don't want him to catch anything.

I have a big enough terrace and will be taking him there from now on, even to exercise.

I'll apologize again for framing my question wrong.

I'm relocating to a better place in 2 months. So I'll put up a link of his photos/videos somewhere in this question update after the relocation, incase any of you wants to see him, healthy and happy.

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  • 5 months ago

    I read this up until & saw the word 'pee pads' & then I stopped.  The use of pee pads just lead a dog into going potty anywhere in the house it choses.  Pee pads are disgusting, nasty, dirty, & a waste of time.  You want a dog to go potty outside & never, for any reason, be allowed to go in the house at all.  It needs to be trained to go outside to do it's business.  If you do not have a backyard for the dog, you shouldn't have it.  Dogs need a yard.  Get RID OF THE PEE PADS.  Teach it right the first time & you won't have to retrain it.  You also need to teach it not to bite.  potty training & the no biting are started at the same time.  "stop puppy biting", "housebreaking a puppy"

  • Maxi
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    5 months ago

    No, no shelter woud allow anyone to 'adopt' 4 weeks old pups...... you have zero sense/knowledge or you are trolling

  • 5 months ago

    Hard to believe your story.  Do NAME the shelter that allowed you to "ADOPT" a 4 week old puppy?  (Bet you can't name a real shelter - who will back your story up)  because this action WAS ILLEGAL!

    WHY, was it thought so necessary to DEPRIVE him of all litter mate SOCIALIZATION for the next FOUR WEEKS?  He will never be "emotionally normal" (and will probably never be able to get along with other dogs) since he will LACK all the pack play that would have taught him both dominance & submissive gestures & body language to make - when interacting with other dogs.

    Despite having had other dogs - why did they think you ought to have a puppy at four weeks?  - You obviously know ZERO about whelping or raising puppies. 

    YOU CANNOT expect a NEONATE (with NO adult brain waves) to "LEARN" ANYTHING before 49 days of age (7 WEEKS) - you IDIOT!   Which is WHY it is also ILLEGAL (REPEAT ILLEGAL) in all 50 US states - to adopt out any dog before that time.  

    REPEAT: the puppy is only functioning on INSTINCTUAL behaviors at this point, it CANNOT "LEARN" ANYTHING. (It does not have a fully functioning brain - at this age!)   MY God!!!!!!! WHAT shelter would let you have a 4 week old neonate and not TELL YOU THIS?

    WHAT other puppy did you EVER TRAINED => using "pads"? I'll bet none.  They are a DANGEROUS, as well as total SCAM product.  

    FYI: Puppies ARE NOT CATS!!!!  They NEVER want to go potty in the SAME LOCATION  - TWICE.  The pads also have dangerous absorbent chemicals in them - so if CHEWED ON by a puppy --- can sicken or kill said puppy. Put them in the TRASH!

    Get a puppy pen, and put down a tarp with newspapers on it.  Add an open crate with bedding or sleeping pad.  NO 4 week old puppy (or any un-housebroken 7-8 week old) can be allowed to ROAM FREELY - in a home.  

    Have you spoken to the shelter vet or YOUR vet about moving puppy from milk meals to soft puppy gruel?  You can start that at 3.5 to 4 weeks.  Orphan pups are often moved MORE quickly to solid food - but any FOSTER HOME (where puppy should be) would KNOW ALL of THAT!

  • Jojo
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    5 months ago

    The pup is way too young at  4 weeks to be expected to learn where to relieve himself. 

    You should have left him with his siblings until he is at least 7-8 weeks old.I`m surprised the shelter did not advise you on that issue.Stop trying to toilet train him until he is 6 weeks old and just take him outside on your premises every couple of hours to get him used to peeing and pooping outside.Praise him when he `goes`.This is not going to stop him peeing & pooping indoors, but its a better option than placing him on a pee pad and hoping for the best.Never try and train a pup to use pee pads. They are disgusting things and only teach a dog that its ok to relieve its self indoors.Once the pup reaches around 6 weeks old, then you can begin to teach the pup to always pee and poop OUTSIDE. IT may take a few weeks for the pup to `catch on`, but that`s normal. Try not to allow the pup access to all the rooms. At 4 weeks old, just one room is enough for him to amble around in.

    Source(s): GSD owner for 57 years.
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  • 5 months ago

    For starters, I'm really surprised (horrified even) that the Shelter allowed you to take one of these puppies home AT ONLY 4 WEEKS.   At this age, they should all be together and in a suitable place where doing what your puppy is doing, is ok.   As it is, your puppy has been deprived of the valuable play-time with his siblings - sad.

    Our puppies tended to go to the end of the big 4 X 8 whelping box we had when they were that very young age, to empty.   That's the best that can be expected until the pup is old enough to be able to physically hold.   Right now, it's all about feeling the need = going.  So to allow this puppy access to 3 rooms - silly!!

    Given that you've committed to this very young puppy, somehow, the only thing would be to use an ex-pen, with a floor covering and start to take him outside every couple of hours when awake, to empty and when he's been playing for short periods if you can.

    Dogs very rarely use the exact same place to empty - unlike most cats!!

    For future reference, because it's too late now, it's illegal to take on a puppy of under 8 weeks, at least.

  • 5 months ago

    Even if not with their mother it is important for their development that puppies stay together with their littermates until at least 6 weeks of age, 8 - 10 weeks is better.

    It is way to early to start training a pup at this age.

  • 5 months ago

    Hes too young.  And you're going to have a hard time training him.  He really needed to stay with littermates until at least 8-10 weeks of age

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