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Is this world very harsh and brutal?

To achieve big goals, we have to sacrifice many things and work really hard. It seems like the world isn't easy at all but rather it is the survival of the fittest.

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    The bigger the energy building, the more energy to build it.

    If your big goals are a professional career, a happy marriage, a closer walk with God, a healthy lifestyle, a home in a good environment, those are achievable by keeping on keeping on, putting one foot in front of the other.

    One problem or temptation for the youth:  the self-abuse of their energies in sex, drugs, and rock and roll, which tend to obscure real values; such baggage may be with one for years after such behavior.


    Man, Master of His Destiny;

    The Path of the Higher Self;'s_hierarchy_o...  Useful for general awareness of where one is, in a given effort;

    A Warrior's Path;

    Answers by Mother Meera;

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    you defined it well 

    in reality we have no reason for existence (we just exist)  so there is no reason it should be easy -- but unreasonable expectations are often to be unhappy 

    you can find peace in mind by making goals that are achievable 

    life is not a competition so stop competing and find basics needs and happiness


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    I think it’s pretty harsh and brutal in this Country which only rewards those with great wealth who haven’t necessarily even worked that hard for it but made others work hard for them to gain it.There are other countries out there which don’t spend as much money on military and don’t give as much money to corporations and to those who already have a lot of money but try to help out the average person more so they don’t have to work themselves to death. So that they can just enjoy sitting in the sun and enjoying nature and eating in an outdoor café leisurely instead of always worrying about being able to pay their bills and being workaholics It’s something that you find more in better European countries. But in America, everybody is expected to work themselves to death while the wealthy play golf and take it easy. People also stab one another in the back over money in this country. It seems to be a National trait. And if you work hard and give everything to somebody that you marry,  one day they can just turn their back on you in a no-fault divorce and take everything you have so you lose everything. Even your children sometimes.This is something I know very well. This is a brutal country.

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    If it were so harsh and brutal how could there be such an abundance of life existing on it? It's harsh to some and to others it is very obliging. Survival of the fittest is massively misunderstood. All it means is that random variations may be better adept at adapting given exposure to environment. Most people thing that it means that ONE will be better than ALL others, which is not true. Something as simple as having a slightly longer bill on a bird may make it better at finding grubs, too long a bill may not be good at cracking shells. The word FIT in fittest gives this away. If you fit into a category that allows you to survive, then that is what you may do. Harsh and brutal happens, just as much as gentle and accommodating does, or else nothing would be alive. If your asking, are PEOPLE too harsh and brutal to each other, then I'd say yes. We treat pets with more concern than was do homeless people, the poor, children, disabled, elderly, ect. People who try to be decent are rare, given people's tendency to be overly rude judgmental and obnoxiously/dangerously hateful. The reason for this is that we want to exaggerate the good in our lives by making others lives less than. People say, "that's just human nature". It isn't, it's choosing to be a selfish *******, and seeing that people depend on each other, being harsh is just making more versions of hell that you and your "loved ones" will have to endure, in order to remain around people who want to cause harm to others and get away with it, because they lack the ability to feel special, by any other means than via comparison to others. Harsh brutal people get harsh brutal places to live in, and ruin things for normal people.

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    It’s as if the universe itself has a force or law that requires an exact opposite to exist in order for anything to exist at all. Example for a true Utopia to exist would require the Eradication of all threats and enemies. An enemy has to exist to justify effort without an enemy and given enough time the concept of effort would be rendered redundant, dooming things that don’t have a natural enemy to choose killing themselves as the effort required to exist becomes void. (a Utopia) Without a direct threat to life the unknown of death becomes the most exciting option. In eastern philosophy’s this subject is identified as  Yin and yang.

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    Finally you got it. I thought you would never catch on !

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    That's not true for everybody. 

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    The world is what it is and it won't get better. The Bible reliably helps us to see where we are in the stream of time. It shows us that we are in “the last days” of the present system of things.—2 Timothy 3:1. This means the impending destruction of one world for the coming of another, spoken of at 2 Peter 3:13 as "a new earth in which righteousness is to dwell."

    Why not find out what determines these last days in which Jesus gave a composite sign.

    Source(s): 11 These Are the Last Days!
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    It can be; it doesn't have to be. I'd be wary about the notion that to achieve big goals, great sacrifice is justified and/or necessary. Self-sacrifice is a personal matter, but some people use such notions to rationalize the infliction of great injustice upon others while denying them any choice in the matter. 

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    It's not so much only about survival of the fittest. Certain groups are given the best opportunities, and the best chance of survival, and many never even had to work for it.

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