No Word [for Windows] after Windows 10 upgrade?

Windows 7 has been upgraded (professionally) by Windows 10 on my laptop.  However, since upgrade I cannot access Word for Windows.  Word icons are on desktop but clicking on them only opens Word (or Excel or P'Point) for one second before disappearing from screen.  

N.B. All documents still appear to be on system (have checked on File Explorer) - but aren't retrievable.  Professionals appear unsure why this is happening and have not come up with a solution.  

I am asking - could removing and resetting 10 resolve the problem?  Have you come across this problem before?  Is it easy to fix?  Any ideas?  Thank you.

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    5 months ago
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    Windows 7 and 10 are completely different systems, so software needs to be reinstalled.

    this is why a FRESH INSTALL is preferable to just an "in-place upgrade".

    also, few Windows 7 systems actually support Windows 10, as they came out nearly a decade apart. that doesn't sound like much, but it's 2 lifetimes in computer years.

    i'll bet you my lunch money that you are missing important drivers on your computer.

    go to Device Manager, and look for exclamation marks.

    also, check the sound and video drivers. i'll bet the generic Windows "High Definition Audio Device" and "Standard VGA Adapter" drivers (or "WMDM" for video) are there...your computer probably runs way slower compared to your Windows 7.

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    There is a free and open source alternative called Libre Office. It's actually a very good program, so I would install that.

    And yes, it can access documents made with Microsoft Word.

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    re-install the version of word for windows

    some of the required program files may have been overwritten

    there is normally a repair option on the install 

    try that first

  • 5 months ago

    just reinstall office.

    its likely an old version of office which is not super compatible with windows 10

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  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    You need a fresh install. Use Windows Media Creation Tool.

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