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Question about coronavirus ?

I am 64 years old, i am very healthy, I have no health conditions, i don’t have high blood pressure, i have a great immune system, i don’t live in an area with bad air quality, and i take vitamins every day. Am I at a high risk of death from Covid19

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    Your chances are minuscule. Less than 1% chance of getting it and far, far less chance of dying from it if you do get it. Still, don't french kiss strangers and observe reasonable distancing guidelines.

    If I could bet, Id bet $10,000 to $250 that you won't get it.  

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  • 1 month ago

    There are plenty of people who died from Covid-19 without underlying health conditions.  It doesn't sound like you are at "high risk".  But, of course, you are some risk. 

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