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Why are rioters destroying businesses?

it's really disgusting behavior and nothing good comes from it 

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    From what I've heard them say on the news during the interviews is that they are doing it because it is an attack against our capitalistic system that values and protects these corporations more than they protect and care about their own people. How the system values companies more than black lives

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    That is in human nature. When a riot happens, people take special pleasure in vandalism. They break shop, they do arson, they destroy things. In general, their pent up frustration and deep-seated violence streak come to fore in those occasions.

    Well, there will be always some poor people who had coveted some classy jacket or mobile but could not afford. Now is the time for him to grab one absolutely free!

    It is so much in human nature that, when vandalism is on, a group of people concentrate exclusively on looting. This is not new, it has always been so.

    Human always take pleasure in getting something free. And the looters have a justification - “I have a right to lead a good life but the rich robbed me of that. What is wrong in taking vengeance on them now?”

    It is not easy to counter such logic.

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    because they don't care about the people whos lives they are endangering because they are criminals taking advatage of a tragic situation to cause harm

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    4 months ago

    Capitalism unfortunatelly is from its origins a robbery because it hires people in technology and like a beggar gathers other people s money instead of having colaboration with the so called Workers -discriminatory old term for which they should be jailed.

    In my country there wasn t any `maids `during socialism all had been called people of work and owned the state property to which they worked and they were the state .while today the state is told to be the president and thw government which is a robbery that comesfrom.usa. 

    Colaboration is considered between 2 owners having their own bissiness and emploees throughout the statue of wealth only you can be a paetnener not through work and it s better that society of adam.and eve in this case and ot woupd mean to be shared the land which is occupied by the president who gathered your votes while you don t give a **** on that land as i understood here from a man returned from the south america ,at a small party that merged to Liberals .

    The workers have been defended first time in history by kind of manifestations that turned into comunism i don t know how .e.g ADAV was Genera 

    l german workers association whose journalist leader has been killed into a duelin short time  is told on wikipedia .

    These association was having already origins of trade union or labour union so i suppose there was own middles of work is actually not refference although there are over 150 years since then and half of world of comunism or so .

    Probably the middles were too small and a man has family .the kings haven t payed social middles of work while the industrial revolution had at origin probably da vinci machines as i saw pope tall as tree here e.g and at my aunt house who is from a family with priests and she has been english teacher i think married to a spy not knowing .

    The pope hasn t proclaim.the further machines originating at Holly Spirit and didn t requore money from uk germany nor hecreceoved since the bancnote was done and golden money wasn t needed as he doesn t were jewlry .

    Or too much .

    And with money one can be payed food houses clithes what God told os important .

    The pope hasn t denied by now the monarchy of uk for not giving the money for origins of inventions who are in Renaissance who reached uk one century later at Shakespeare being a proof the imported plot from italy the theme of Romeo and Juliet who has definitely different social contest in italy then in uk and is a false plot in uk where noble family didn t fought on not knowing what reasons just for parliament powers or throne .while in italy Pope was head of church at the time of shakespeare when actualy in uk it remained the kings as refference by now since henric 8 .i so that was kept political speech in church also by obama while the other people don t .

    Riot being a primitive manofestation die to the primotove conditions of life in which the people are caused to stay nowadays .

    Usa e.g used unwriten  laws of uk lords to engage which actually reffers to a maid to a house keeper not to gactory and production which mean to sell to others and make money in banks and this could be done only by partnership which is one of my projects  based secondary on ADAV and first on a situation in which because of a rape the rapist hisband became owner of state comunism hotel who was a state patrimony and during a period before revolution when an uncle who has been an actor was member of national assembly about which i didn t know it functioned as parliament and i have been raped after the coup d etaot abd the revolution having different amnesies among which from learning according to programme which is a crime being a proof in usa english high school pupils are called students while here only at university 

    -learning  amnesy which is not yet the object of medicine Treat and i made it having visions of brains of gold etc .

    I mean i spent time at the hotel and they were having lesd then 200$ salary and a hotel i guess starts from.1000$ in eirope while the socialists having received any money due by comunism and printed spevial bancnote with people of work capital emission to pay themselves ehile the hotel became other s among which the rapist husband by masons sent in order to not let my family be at governing .while i didn t know about tge assembly as parliament and anyway the hall seen at tv was having 4000 seats and i didn t know perhaps was quite the same hall for music show...i think i want to take receange i heard is good to hit smth and mafe of parkiament a scene with guitars as so they could deserve their money today when people are dead with malnutrition.

    Alao Israel is in lead as marx was a jew therefore God and i met God on streets in tge capital town most  often a gipsy priest probably from coyp d etait saying is from devil things while we didn t acknowledge gipsy priests i didnnt know tgere are gipsy having diploma of called here from comunism  superior studies and it s also a proof the salary is worse much more of a teacher of school and high school and extermination concentrayion schedule like of a babysitter of 18 hours after which a student has a cleaned mind on the contrary and the teacher is a mad while at university is having 4-6 hours and uses man created by men not like in greek socratian platonian society .and we must be paid with emissiin people are starvibg they cannot pay and the money are useful for coubtey enter circulation amd can reach to amybody doing all kind of necessities and creating lots of jobs across the country while now i see people without shoes and that is caused by usa we had a lord not a president an analphabetic chatacter who took the whole usa as a congress never attended because is closed to them while their sons killed and daughters raped .

    It s a thief.washington i mean and caused 2 world wars consodering himself God .i saw the roof of the cathedral as washington dc not just once and here in 46 after war wasn t gicen land to proletarian was taken from all  and set himself president and you should do emission to pay the world for a huge damage .and you can make apartnetship and sell goods after this if you want .

    Think about it that we have 200$ salary and your goods took the place instead of the comunist goods for e.g...

    Could you pay your goods if you had 200$ 10 times less in usa?

    Anf this is also an untitled war i am afraid .i don t say never see your goods but there is none of state and is 5% state employment and 2 private ..and 15 %abroad from us as slaves and that is by usa caused .

    So by having the printed money as state while we have not as we are not state and God sent 1 000 000 angels in teaching doctors etc ..actualy i see visions some kind of little princesses like marie antoaneta who actually i think was a killed information agent so called after revolution and after less then 20 years i discovered since i met her that Security department and minisistry then was disoved by the not known gipsy president with 5 etnies .a mason,about which president masons or kings fisher masons  i found out 3 years ago imformatiin agent who peobably informed me .

    Well i wake up or sleep the girl appear as a doll generally and i heard she died into a car crash and i classofied the crash as murder first by governmebt and also the illnesses if there are n t in the bible named .

    I started to fear the girl has been killed and i discovered the rapist was a spy and i was having amnesies from satan when agents showed up or so .

    But anyway the pilles have been gicen sine years after satan appeared after appeal at divorce ..instead of beibg told that was a spy i was blessed to mary him and i was about to die at delivering the baby ...because i was raped and not prepared for child and the rapist much taller and from.countryside and greek part while the etnicitty  is not writen in identity card and probably also from usa a damage .

    A number as huge as the ountey have been aborted because of american goods and eiropean goods and you cannot go to heaven you voted .

    People here do not have money to pay condoms .3 of them is 1/4 of the payment  by day sharing from monthly salary .

    Also do not have money for medical counceling is smth i did in the project .

    Neither usa has as long as has abortions .i was at so called hosputal of mad being told the aborted child went to hell among the abusive issues by rapist husband returning after i was checked by 8 doctors from flue or so at the Apeal sent exactely that time while nobody called in paper crimes of abortion .

    Now i think the Court is of masons who tried to kill me and sent a virus as i saw golden crowns before the epidemy of coronavirus .

    And now i considered e.g a third-fourth  part of earnings like part of workers .in fact aren t they the masons ?

    While the masons are the impostors .

    Well i think this would make much more money in the world if that is all the masons-thieves dream.about i mean there is police and less robbery as bible thieves as police can t work and used schools and my mom killed and i have destryed teeth now by police and false priests and i made their own schools at least many priests having wives teachers..

    So i got rid of them.i have other important problems while i met 2 colegue teachers daughters of colonels who were at countryside school and so from.comunist age used futher more for other s fortune .

    Anyway here the emploee are even at hotel with superipr studies ..e.g at reception from.Turism which were a faculty i don t know today .that receptionist went to other hotel total private here being still society with 50% of state from which was 2 hotels and a vila left .and the other became of the rapist husband who stole the child and let me with destroyed teeth after he was payed with a hotel shares for the rape .

    And the woman visited the old colegues and she lost weight at the new hotel with more money as she had no bed .


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  • Anonymous
    4 months ago

    These people don't have a purpose in life.  I feel bad for them and their situation, but that's all.  I try to stay well clear of them.

  • Zirp
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    4 months ago


    wanting some nice stuff

    being paid by police or a secret service

    Source(s): been in riot-ish situations in Europe
  • Anonymous
    4 months ago

    There are paid looters and provocateurs.

    Mostly from the left.

    Plus a few want free stuff.

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    4 months ago

    They want new TVs.

  • 4 months ago

    Anger makes people do the silliest things.

  • Anonymous
    4 months ago

    They are paid provocateurs that have been traced back to fringe right wing groups and organized crime. 

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