is Don Lemon another race divider from a long list of race dividers on CNN"?


guardian: your far far left extremist views might get you an interview at CNN but, your hate for the President is typical. blinded by hate and not reality'. you are wasting your time with your predictable answers".

Update 2:

don't get angry that a Trump supporter gave you 5the points".

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    🥴 No. His husband is white. His best friend is white. His friends are white.

    What he's trying to do is commentate on true facts from experts and eyewitnesses themselves. 

    😟 Which is a hell of a lot more than FAUX does. 

    CNN is not loyal to 1 party. They report on what's actually happening. 🥴 That's why CNN viewers are always 2 steps ahead of YOU with facts. 

    They don't shield Trump or his feelings.

    🥴 We get all the dirty details.

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    • Guardian
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       So go talk to your kids and ask them why they ruined our metropolitan cities. Looters AND arsonists.

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    colored folks succumbed to selfishness and greed, sold their souls and voted for donald trump, what did they expect  

    this merry go round will continue as collectivism and socialism is alien to colored americans. Give them 30 foodstamps and all will be forgotten

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