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Were they trying to put me down?Were they making fun of me?

I am shy and awkward around girls.There is a girl i liked in school.It took me weeks to muster the courage to go and break the ice.

I saw her in the canteen with her friends and i approached her and asked her what s her name which was the first thing that came out of my mouth after which her friend laughed at me.

It took me immense courage to walk up to them and talk.This was really embarassing.This is my first crush.I have watched movies where the shy guy gets rejected and bullied by his crush.I felt as though i experienced that.


I asked her what was she laughing at and she was like you just suddenly appear and ask her what her name.

After which i brushed it off and told them who i am and asked them which class they belong to and stuff and just found a way to slither out of there.

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    2 months ago

    You are correct girls of today are really ***** 

    but not all of them 

     To gain some self confidence take some martial arts course 

    mOther of 5 grown up sons 

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