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Why do some women never play sports?

Sports has been a male dominated bastion throughout the history and it still exists today. A lot of women don't realise that playing sports makes them strong and fight against rapists. As a man, I feel every person should participate in sports because it is good for health, strength and self-defence. Women are making themselves vulnerable by not playing sports.

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    My daughters enjoyed athletics. They were good at it. One of my daughters came home early from a date. She had blood all over her new dress. She wouldn't talk about it. Next morning, her date's parents called, totally pissed. They said she had broken one of his teeth and broke his nose. They were going to file a police report, and sue me. She overheard their diatribe and yelled "The SOB tried to rape me".  That was the last I heard from them.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Some women don't enjoy sports or they're not good at them. Personally, I play a lot of sports because I enjoy them and because they help me to keep in shape but it has nothing to do with fending off rapists. If a woman wants to protect herself, she'll do better buying a gun and getting a concealed carry permit (if she doesn't live in an open carry state.)

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