Can I use neutrogena hand lotion on cracked bleeding hands?

Google ignores this question. Will the lotion get through the cracks and into my bloodstream or harm me in any way?

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    1 month ago
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    If hands are cracked and bleeding plain Vaseline is better. It forms a physical barrier over the skin and allows it to repair itself. Before sleeping slather it on and place a cotton sock over the hand. It will hold the Vaseline in place and your hands will be less dry when you wake up.  It's how cracked and broken heels are treated by doctors. Most hand lotions and creams have a warning on the label that says do not use on cracked or broken skin. They won't make you sick but they will sting and turn skin red and inflamed. Vaseline won't do that. If you have any redness and inflammation a hydrocortisone cream from the first aid section of the drug store will help heal the inflamed skin. 

    If this is from hand washing or hand sanitizer use you might need to cut back on both. Plastic disposable gloves might work better for you until your hands heal. When they do look for a hand sanitizer with aloe and wash with a much gentler soap and be a lot more gentle when washing. Longer duration washing is as effective as a short aggressive scrub. 

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  • 1 month ago

    Typically lotions say not to apply to bleeding hands.

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