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What will a blood test detect?

I have a blood test booked in a few days because of ongoing issues with my tonsils/lump in my neck etc but I don’t feel unwell.


What does a blood test usually detect? 

Just want an idea of what these sorts of tests are designed to check for, thanks!


Update - I had my blood test yesterday, the receptionist at my doctors called me today to say there’s nothing to worry about but the doctor would like to call me to discuss results. 

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    Depending on what the doctor asks the lab to do the test can determine a whole set of items that are directly linked to your various organs and their function. There are blood test to check you liver, thyroid, the blood sugar level, cholesterol and in men even the possibility of prostate cancer.


    A lump in your neck could be related to your thyroid. A recent blood test that I had showed my thyroid was not working as it should. An ultrasound found that I had several nodules on my thyroid and a biopsy showed them to be benign. Only a very, very small number of thyroid nodules turn out to be cancerous.

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      Thank you! Your answer was informative :)

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    The only things looked for in a blood test are those that the ordering physician asks for.

    We don't know what those things are.

    If you are worried about drugs, don't be. Unless asked for, drugs are not part of any ordinary test.

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    there are literally dozens of things they could look for: hormones, drugs, sugar, bloodcell-levels, antibodies against things like mumps, measles and rubella....

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