How do I organize my Goodreads bookshelf?

I am fairly new to When I go to their Help page and click "Ask Question," it just brings up a page with a bit of HTML gibberish. So I'm asking here...

I'm trying to arrange a bookshelf of "favorite science fiction novels." I'd like to arrange the titles in order, from most to least favorite. While I see that there is a feature for putting them in a numerical order, the books revert to a disorganized mess as soon as I leave the page and return to it. I want to be able to show my list to my friends and actually have the books in order. Surely there's some way to do this?

Are "bookshelves" the wrong place to be doing it? I don't want to make it a listopia that others can contribute to. I simply want to make a public list of my personal favorites, in order.

2 Answers

  • Try a different browser if you are going here It is in working condition.

    And no, there is not a way to do what you want. All websites can not be all things to all people. I would suggest using a Google spreadsheet to share with your friends. But do your friends really care?

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  • 1 month ago

    Perhaps you should try sending them an email or something and ask "Why, when I go to the Help page and click "Ask Question" it just brings up a page with a bit of HTML gibberish"? Of course, it could happen that if they reply it could be just a bit of HTML gibberish, but you've got to realise that these things happen. Yes, that's right, Jimbo. Sometimes, life is just a bit of HTML gibberish. Hope this helped.

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