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How to handle seeing someone in public who you went to high school with (cliquey, popular kids)?

I have graduated high school five years ago and have moved on entirely. I have recently graduated college with my Bachelor's and have started my career. I did not have a good high school experience and was frequently harassed and isolated by my peers. I had few friends and dreaded going to school every day due to the mistreatment. I hated high school so much that I counted down the days in senior year that I had left of high school. Recently, I  have noticed that I have begun to run into people who I knew from high school. It is so embarrassing because it is awkward seeing someone you have had no contact with for 5-10 years especially someone who was against you. The thing that gets to me is that some of these I see in public are still mean as hell and treat you like you are still in high school when they see you. I don't understand how they haven't grown out of their immature habits. No one cares about that cliquey status crap! We are adults here not teenagers!  

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    You say no one cares about that crap now, yet clearly you do. Those people probably didn't realize they were treating you badly then, and don't remember it now. The standard thing to do when running into someone from high school is to greet them, ask how they're doing now, and say that you're fine. Then "Good to see you!" and leave. 

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  • martin
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    These people you never got along with in the first place, are just bad luck to encounter them now.  Let it roll of your back like water off a duck's back.

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