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Do hard working Store Owners Lives Matter?


To Democrats ?

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    According to Al Sharpton, only if they're black. It's apparently okay to loot a white owned business. But this gets a little confusing when you consider what went on in Beverly Hills. You really need to have an anthropologist on hand to instruct the looters as to whether Arabs and Persians count as "white". 

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Nope, there is no TV coverage for the Democrats for those hard working people

    These riots (not protests) are scheduled, planned and paid for. In Detroit out of 200 people arrested only 17 were from the city the rest were from out of state (as far as Tennessee) or from other cities in the state

    Don't you wonder how looters and arsonists are all wearing the same shirts? These riots have nothing to do with the event in Minnesota that killed a person, these riots are organized

    Protesters do not shoot policeman (5 shot last night-1 will probably not make it in Las Vegas), protesters do not beat police officers. I find it amazing that these so called protesters are doing exactly what they are supposed to be protesting against.

    And yet where are the Democrats statements about this? They are supposed to be concerned about their districts and residents of those districts and yet not one has offered anything (They think this will get Biden elected and that is all they care about).

    Trump is 100% correct, you throw a bottle at a police officer which could be considered an assault with a deadly weapon, you get your a*ss shot. You throw railroad spikes at police you get shot, you set fire to a building you get shot, you start to loot a business or home you get shot. How long do you think it would take these creatures to go home if they knew they would be killed for BREAKING THE LAW? A police officer is authorized to use deadly force against deadly force or to save a life or defend property. This is what a gun store owner did, they broke in and he shot them, killing one

    These street thugs ordering police officers to take a knee with then and the officers doing it is just giving these street monkeys more power.

    True story here-A man was in his store during this event. A group of these street urchins approached the store with bricks to break out the windows. The store owner approached the thugs with a pistol. A big mouth in the back stated "Man you only have 6 shots in that gun and there are a lot more of us, so what you going to do now honky? The man stayed very calm and said, "Sir you are correct and there is no doubt in my mind you can and probably will destroy my store and maybe even kill me, but you have a decision to make among yourselves, you have to determine what 6 of you are going to die tonight, because 6 of you will be dead on the sidewalk before you come in this store: The big bad thugs walked away-Real tough guys huh? 

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