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You cannot create weekly certifications at this time; you must allow 1 week between previous certification entries before completing new ones.

I barely put the application in Tuesday and says im eligible. And now its been 1 week unless they are talking about i have yo wait sunday? Is that correct? 

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    1 month ago

    Hey Destiny.  Yes, sounds like you might have to wait until this coming Sunday.

    My GUESS is "one week minimum, or the end of the weekly period closing after your first filing."

    IF it was just file any day of one week, then file when the next week opens, you could file on Sat of one week, then the next day file for the next week. 

    Since you have waited one full week, but cannot file as the system says, I'll bet you have to wait till the next week opens on Sunday.

    If you are not sure or comfortable with that you can:   a) keep trying to file off and on today through Sat.  The system won't let you in until you are eligible again.  b) you can try and call the office and ask - some places are so short staffed that you may get to Sunday without anyone answering the phone anyway.

    Hope this helps.  Remember - patience and persistence will be your friends.  Good luck.

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