Something's not right with Tumblr. What's going on?

I write stuff on Tumblr and save it in my drafts. When I edit my post on Drafts, I save it. But when I reload to see what I saved appear, it doesn't show. It's not saved. What am I to do? Just what's going on with Tumblr? What's going on with the whole Internet these days?


Keep in mind, this is on my laptop.

Update 2:

And no, this has nothing to do with the Tumblr vs Wordpress thing. It's the whole damn Internet that's the problem. What's going on with it?

Update 3:

Things on Tumblr are only getting worse. Why won't anybody help me? This is actually hurting me! Nothing is working! And don't make me use Wordpress. They don't let you post as many pictures and videos as you want in a text post. Only one thing per post. Please, help me!

1 Answer

  • 1 month ago

    Use Wordpress. 

    I’ve had stuff go missing on Tumblr, and sometimes random distasteful images have been added to my Likes. Could it be a coding error or perhaps something more sinister?

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    • Besides, there are somethings you can't do on Wordpress. They won't let you write a post like it were the script of an episode. And you can only post one picture per post.

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