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disgusting flea bites ?

how do i get rid of these asap? and how can i prevent them from scarring if possible?? i already washed out blankets, cleaned. flea treatments for dogs that actually work? prevention? they’re all over my legs and arms!!

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    1.) Get your dog some type of chewable flea medication such as NexGard.

    2.) Give your dog a bath using dawn dish washing liquid - Put on heavily all over their body and let sit for a few minutes - Get a flea comb and use it to thoroughly go through there fur and get all fleas - Hint: fleas love to hang around the butt region!

    3.) Vacuum whole house thoroughly - Discard dirt and fleas/flea eggs outside.

    4.) Get a bag or two of salt and sprinkle heavily on the carpets and floors - let it sit for a day or two - vacuum your carpets again.

    5.) Repeat steps 3 and 4 till your flea problem is gone. The medication should kill all the fleas and flea eggs within 3 days so you may want to give them 1 more bath after 3 days as well. 

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  • 1 month ago

    Flea bites typically do not scar unless they become infected or you scratch them open.  The best thing is to wash them once with an antiseptic and then leave them alone and don't scratch them.  You can use calamine lotion to reduce itching. 

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