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Why do I often have sad dreams about myself? ?

I almost always wakeup sad and depressed because of these dreams! I suffer from depression, anxiety and panic attacks

. I am a person with disability. I have health issues. I feel very lonely and isolated. I don’t have any friends besides one. All of my relatives have moved to different states. I don’t have any cousins or relatives for emotional support! I tried going to college but it is so difficult. Despite of my best efforts, I have always struggled academically! I have always wanted to make my family proud of me but I couldn’t achieve anything in life! I feel like such a loser. I 

used to like a friend but I think he liked someone else. So I never told him or anyone else that I liked him! He was straight and I am gay. I was forced into getting married by my family twice! Both marriages ended in divorces! I suffered from so much mental trauma and stress because of that! My family is religious, conservative, and homophobic! They will never accept me if I tell them the truth! I feel trapped and suffocated! I am a kindhearted, and helpful person but I feel like God is punishing me!  

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    You have a lot of problems, so instead of trying to talk about all of them I'll give you some advice about panic attacks and suggest that you click on my name and find things.

    This answer, rated Best, 5 Stars, has a variety of useful information about panic.

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