How long is the effect of emotional trauma?

After my supervisor at Arby's (who I looked up to) kicked me to the curb, I have suffered mental breakdown that caused me to lose my voice early in 2018. It wasn't until September last year that I could talk normal again. And she never gave a rats @$$ how I was doing. Someone I looked up to never wants to see me again. Reason? She got mad cuz I looked up to her.

I got over the incident itself, but the effect of it lingers on. At my current job, I keep worrying that other people will become like her. I become paranoid that my supervisor here is becoming like her, even though that may not be the case. I used to ask him why he brushed me off or whatever even though he hasn't actually ignored me. I been reigning it in for awhile, only for it to resurface a month ago.

I moved back home after 6 months of living on my own bc of my mental breakdown. My folks never stopped telling me I brought it onto myself and that I asked for it. My job developer says the same thing. That slowed down my recovery considerably.

Under this circumstances, when will recovery be possible?


Just yesterday, I asked my current supervisor why he brushed me aside whenever I talked to him. I would say stuff and he immediately asked me to run an order out for drive thru, for instance. I had an outburst and b*tched that it isn't fair. He explained that it was busy during lunch rush and he needed things done at that moment. And that he doesn't personally hate me. My former supervisor at Arby's hurt me and now I'm dealing with the effects.

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