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Why is twitter so baised against Trump but never say anything to Jihadists?

Twitter criticised Trump but is silent on Iranian terrorist like Khamenei. Twitter is very biased in favor of Muslims and this is why I stopped using Twitter.

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    Twitter is a cesspool

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  • 1 month ago

    "Between May 9–14, 2020, OpIndia published a series of seven stories (one in English and six in Hindi) falsely claiming that Rohit Jaiswal, a Hindu boy, was sacrificed in a mosque in Bela Dih – a village in Kateya, Gopalganj, Bihar – after which his body was disposed of in a river on March 28. In the articles, OpIndia alleged that the suspected perpetrators were "all Muslims". One of the articles asserted, "A new mosque had been built in the village and it is being alleged that there was a belief that if a Hindu was 'sacrificed', the mosque would become powerful and its influence would increase." The stories were accompanied with videos of Jaiswal's sister and father, in which neither of them mentioned a sacrifice or mosque.

    Jaiswal's postmortem report indicated that his cause of death was "asphyxia due to drowning". Local residents in the village, including Jaiswal's mother, declined to corroborate the human sacrifice claims, and a local journalist said that the village did not have a new mosque. The first information report (FIR) filed by the father on March 29 listed six suspects (five Muslim boys and one Hindu boy) and did not reference a sacrifice or mosque. OpIndia later released an audio recording of its interview with Jaiswal's father, in which he claimed that Jaiswal was murdered in a mosque. In a follow-up interview with Newslaundry, the father retracted the claim and said that he made the accusations in "sheer frustration" of the attention around Jaiswal's death. After Newslaundry interviewed Ajit Bharti, the editor of OpIndia Hindi, OpIndia deleted the word "all" from the phrase "all Muslims" in its description of the suspected perpetrators.

    Vijay Kumar Verma, a Deputy Inspector General of Bihar Police, disclosed on May 14 that he had filed an FIR against OpIndia under sections 67 (obscenity) and 295A (religious intolerance) of the Information Technology Act, 2000, for its reporting of the false human sacrifice claims. The FIR stated that OpIndia published the claims "without knowing or understanding the case". On May 17, the Director General of Bihar Police, Gupteshwar Pandey, examined the drowning incident and found no evidence supporting the human sacrifice claims or the suspicion of communal motives behind the death."

    Once again if you're going to publish a source, please do the basic research to see the platforms credibility.  OpIndia has none, moving on.

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    They know Trump won't chop their heads off. 

    • Aman kumar1 month agoReport

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