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I don't understand love, hate, life?

Im a 32 year old female i have 2 kids i try my damndest to be nice i help (to much) n get thiefts in return my fam hates me i just dont understand alot of stuff i kno im not the smartest but i try n get treated like **** n blocked by fam i had such a close bond with one of them n now she hates me n got one fam member litterly 2 min from me n another 20. Min from me dont see em inless the ly need somthing havent seen the one thats 20 min from me in prob a year n the other in a few mnths i mean what did i do i have no friends no fam besides up north that give a damn my mom hates me to i just camt deal with it no more 

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    Life can throw s**t our way, we certainly can't control the families we are born into.

    But we can control our attitude about things we can't control, we can control our attitude about ourselves, we can control the choices we make.

    The starting point is always with ourselves.  Life is what you make it, how you deal with the good and the bad, how grateful you are with what you have.  

    You have to learn to love yourself, to know that you can truly make a spectacular life for yourself, regardless of your family.  Not easy I know, especially if the very people who are supposed to love you the most, unconditionally, don't know how because of their own s**t.    You just have to keep reminding yourself that it has nothing at all to do with you and everything to do with them.  Let them stay in their misery while you learn to rise above it all.

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    The common element is you. Stop stirring trouble, start being responsible and people will suddenly treat you with respect.

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