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Why they don't ask any questions?

Let say, you are trainer and teaching a job to some staff . But everytime, nobody ask you any question after topic. What do you feel? Do you think they understood or they don't know what they ask?

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    It's very common for people to act like this especially in a group situation.  They don't want to be singled out as a person who isn't getting it, even if no one is getting it.  You can't make them speak.

    They will hopefully, come to you later on a one on one basi\sc to ask specific questions.  I have run into this hundreds of times doing HR orientations.  They always come back later for clarification.

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    It suggests they are not interested in the subject or didn't want to be there or didn't understand or you failed to grab their attention.  As the trainer, it is your job to involve them in the learning process and to make sure they do understand as you work through the subject. That might mean you have to change your style to suit the particular trainee group. Of course it is always possible you did your job so well they learnt everything they will ever need to know about the subject and so did not have any questions at the end.  I suggest that is unlikely.

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