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What were the violent protesters / rioters hoping to achieve on Black Tuesday?

They only looked like a bunch of immature ANIMALS to me. Causing all that damage. How would they like it if people went into their homes or places of employment and destroyed what they worked hard for? We need to stand up and say that this kind of behavior will not be tolerated. And the mayor of NYC needs to step down for his inaction. 

Of course, it's not the first time in history that people have acted like this. But is it so hard for people to protest peacefully? 


I mean "Blackout Tuesday."

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    The American People, actual patriots of this country fighting against the Police, our judicial system, the billionaires that help support it and proven serial pedophile rapist Fascist Dictator Donald J. Trump is a rebellion much like the Boston Massacre which is the entire reason this country exists. You'd have probably called those gentlemen 'ANIMALS' as well and want the monarchy to shoot them all.

    - PEACEFUL PROTESTS!: We tried that for 6+ years you whined and blackballed them all

    - ALL LIVE MATTER!: You pillocks were just saying 'who gives a damn about the few for the economy' not even a month ago. Anti-lockdown protests, ring a bell. Threatening governors life, blocking traffic including hospitals, no face masks, no social distancing, screaming in police officers face at the behest of Donald J. Trump to no consequence.

    - THINK OF THE ENVIRONMENT!: Says the party who refuses climate change exists

    - RIOTS SOLVE NOTHING!: Unless it is about protecting a confederate statue or that little traitor flag right? Also what about the Boston Massacre, the entire reason THIS country exists.

    - WHAT ABOUT WHITE PEOPLE!: What if I told you these riots are for the benefit of everyone, but you're too focused cherry picking isolated incidents of the majority to fight the majority incidents of a minority to see that.

    You know whose acting like ANIMALS?  The cops and Alt-Right White Supremacist groups posing as Antifa who have so far arrested the CNN Journalist, shot a rubber bullet into the eye of another journalist causing her to lose that eye, made another protester lose their eye, lit the Autozone on fire, attacked the CNN Headquarters, tear gassed news reporters, opening car doors of black couples tazing them then slashed their tires before arresting them all for driving down the F'kin road, ran over protesters, shoved protesters unprovoked, ran over protesters on horseback, shot a pregnant women in the stomach, storming medical tents and shot nurses, shoving elderly people with canes, firing paint rounds at people who were standing on their front porch simply because the people did not get inside the house when ordered to, arresting photographer, kicking a pregnant women so hard she had a miscarriage, tear gassing children, ripping off a woman’s hijab before shoving them down, arresting/pepper spraying senators, placing barricading, raising bridges, blocking streets and stopping trains way before the established curfew so protesters have no way of leaving then tear gassing & arresting them when it passes the established curfew, knelt with protesters for photo ops then attacked them, filling bins with rocks, having impounded, damaged, and otherwise worn out husks of vehicles towed into areas to make it look like the peaceful protesters were destructive, pepper spraying a 12 year old, tear gassing, flash banging, and noise grenading peaceful protesters so President Donald J. Trump could have a holding the bible photo opportunity at the St. John's Episcopal Church, assaulted over 120 journalists, killing unarmed protesters including shooting a protester in the head with a cloth covered round from a birds eye view then shot the medic carrying their body, etc. 

    Police forces have started turning off their body cams and putting red tape over them, they're Donald J. Trump's personal Schutzstaffel now alongside the national guard and committing terrorism; The Donald is prepping the military to commit war crimes against its own unarmed civilians.

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    I'd start waking up.

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