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He ghosted me . Why?

For the past 4 weeks I have been going on dates with a guy I met in a grocery store in March. At first i was a little skeptical because he’s a tad bit older but not by much.

On our first date we met up at Dairy Queen. We talked for three hours , he did majority of the talking. He asked me out for a second date a few days later and the second date he cooked and made cookies for us at his house we cuddled and watched movies. We had a 3rd date and we ended up having sex. Ever since the third date he’s been acting weird. When i come over he will ask me “why didn’t you give me a hug when you came in?”“Why don’t you bring a second pair of clothes over so you can spend the night?”“Can you come get comfortable with me?”“Do you want me to do this or that?”“Can you come over?” And if i say “I’m busy today he’ll ask can he come pick me up if I’m tired“Do you miss me?”It’s like he asks me questions non stop The other day when i came over he was on the game playing COD with his friends and he asked me “do you want me to get off that game?”And i said “no” I’m fine you can finish playingWe were laying in bed last night and he asked me “what did you do today?”And i said “i went downtown”and he said “who’s downtown? Your boo”? I looked at him and said “no” and he said “i mean if you do have others your talking to i can’t get mad”

Now Wednesday i texted him that morning and he hasn’t said a word to me or responded

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