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Why do asian americans succeed more than african americans?

blacks are using being discriminatory against as an excuse


asian americans have the highest income per capita of any group in the US.

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  • RockIt
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    1 month ago

    Vietnamese people fled Vietnam with barely a shirt on their back.  They are some of the if not most successful immigrant groups in America.  Please, don't tell me it can't be done in 1 Generation.

    Most black families could do the same if they simply followed the Vietnamese model for success in America.  It should be a book.  How to thrive in America even if you start with less than 0.

    "Systemic Racism", whatever that is, a dark vision of history a twisted view of reality at best, never stopped them  (hint: Because it doesn't exist, its not in their minds).  

    White privilege never got in their way. (again, see the hint)

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      how do you know about vietnamese

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    YOU do the math. I don`t know.

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