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How do I help my cat to stop being afraid of me?

Recently I screwed up big time, I was out for a walk and I found a kitten all alone. I pet her/him and decided to try and find the owner, I was in my backyard and I was near the backdoor trying to call my mom... My cat Lukey was already hissing before I opened the door and when I did open it he freaked out and the kitten ran away whilst he started attacking my other cat Sky. Everything was fine after Lukey calmed down and he sniffed around a bit with his tail up in the air and curled at the end, signifying he was happy. I got up and went into my room and he was about to re-enter it when he started hissing and howling at me, every time he does this now when he sees me... It was only a few hours ago when this started but I am starting to feel my heart break in fear he won't ever love me again... I know it will take time, but I need to move around the house and so does Sky. So how can I fix this massive mess I have made?

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    My family cat would not let me touch him for a week after my sister brought home a kitten, and the kitten chased the bigger family cat the first time she sees him. Despite being bigger and a male, he ran. Eventually the two became good buddies, and my family cat allowed me to hug him again.

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  • PR
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    1 month ago

    Lukey still smells the scent of the kitten on your clothes and skin. Take a shower and change clothes and Lukey may "forgive you" sooner. Throw the clothes in the washer, as well.

    Even when a friend cat goes to the vet, the one  left at home may act this way, since the vet-visiting cat smells like the vet office.. 

    If you find the kitten again, consider taking it to an animal rescue league if it is a small kitten. If it is older, check for an owner. Please don't let the kitten starve outside, in the garden. That is a terrible life for a cat.

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