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Why is my dog afraid to eat off and on?

My husband and I try hard to keep feeding times the same time, day in, day out. He will eat both breakfast and dinner wonderfully for 3-4 weeks straight, then suddenly, wants NOTHING to do with breakfast and will pick at dinner. He will act afraid of his bowl, me , my husband, his crate, the food itself...why does he do this??? Then, after about a week, he will be back to his normal habits of eating everything.

We have rarely switched food, only as he's grown. He now gets adult food with some wet mixed in and has eaten it all up without issues up until this past Monday.

I don't know what the hack it could be, unless he's very sensitive to change. My husband has been working one week on, one week off. I started to give him morning walks. Nothing has been out of the ordinary besides husband's schedule, but even before, he still ate breakfast.

He is just over a year, Border collie/pitty mix. His poops and pees and behavior has all been normal. I just don't understand why he goes back and forth between eating great to being terrified of meal times of out of the blue! And yes, we have tried changing his bowl, doesn't change a thing.


He still plays, wants to run around, goes crazy outdoors, no lethargy. It has been hotter than he used to the last few weeks, too. He's drinking a lot more water. I know a lot of dogs can get on with 1 meal a day, no issues. It's just weird how back and forth he goes, and it's starting with dinner time. I had to hand feed him last night, haven't had to do that since he was 5 months old!

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    You have answered (for me) your own question.  WHEN it gets hot, dogs often LOOSE their appetite; they are often (also) less active.  I do not know why he would appear AFRAID of the bowl (if it is that, vs simple avoidance) unless there has been much fussing and consternation VOICED.  In MY experience BC are very "sensitive" soft-natured dogs, who do NOT want to do anything WRONG, if they can help it.  You may have a mixed-breed, but I do not know that you did not get the BC personality.

    Please relax - unless you see ILLNESS, lethargy, or a change in stools, etc.

    • E.H. once again you have put my mind at ease. Thank you VERY VERY VERY much! Yeah, he has a lot of BC in him and I'm learning more and more every day about them.

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    "behavior has all been normal" Well clearly his behaviour is not normal.............. first thing you do is get a vet check to see if it has any health issues, if not then it is a behavioural issue and you need a behaviourist to see him......... it is nothing to do with his bowl, it could be he is being fed too much, could be he is trying to manipulate you into getting or doing something different....without a behaviourist seeing him and talking with you both about what he does and when he does it and how you are responding no one can really say from what you have written

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    Yeah, mine does very similar.  It is normal & alright & won't harm dog in anyway.  Is he on grainfree dog food?

    • Yes, he is. We shifted from puppy to grain-free adult about a month and a half ago, and added some wet, per our vet's advice. Thank you!

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