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Is boxing a mugs game?

We all know boxing is a physically demanding sport, you use different energy systems, need a solid fitness base, and take brutal punishment from receiving heavy punches.

Is it really worth it though? I have a friend who is a little older than me. He is 44, and he's not the best really. He has taken some bad beatings in matches that seemingly unfair. That's just example though, but speaking generally, is it really worth it? Every punch leaves behind some brain damage. Some fighters also end up like Gerald McClellan.

I know a lot of boxers, but personally, I wouldn't do it.

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Is this actually a question or rant abt your friend. Personally i think your envious of him.

    1 thing is he is still active and exercising let alone learning some new skills.

    I do martial arts. I have competed and been kicked around and thrown around. Sometimes i take a bigger bite than i can chew. As long as you stay healthy, see the doctor, wear head protection when training and sparring and learn when to back off on training or when to take a break from competing you will be fine.

    This is also a MYOFB thing. It is ok to worry abt your friend. Yet it is their lie and health.

    And BTW 44 is not old. For a pro fighter yes, but for local and for fun nope.

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    • Ben1 month agoReport

      Another thing that concerns me though, is my friend does seem to have some symptoms of brain damage I think.

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