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Would tolerate a relative talking to your kid that way?

I only meet my uncle once an year because I m forced to.

Whenever we do my uncle constantly noses into my personal life and constantly say that i m untalented and good at nothing apart from using my phone.He is just my relative and its none of his business.He has no say in the matter.

There are instances where he humiliates me publicly and makes a mockery out of me.Even my parents witness all that but don't object to it.I constantly ask them to do something but they say that everything my uncle says about me is true.

Of course its not true though.I am good at many things.I read a lot of books.I write poetry and draw.I am into public speaking.I participate in debates and quiz competitions.My teachers say that I've got a bright future.When i say this in my defense my parents and relatives just say that I'm lieing or all that "non sense" doesn't change a thing.

If my uncles kids were doing all this he would brag about them forever.If my parents spoke to his kids that way he would punch them in the face.Yet he has the nerve to treat me like that.

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    You really need to stand up and for yourself and take drastic action. This behavior can get MUCH worse and lead to things ending real bad. Tel your uncle to shut up because he has no right to judge your life and tell your parents that they should be better parents and support they’re own daughter and are being very insensitive and ignorant.

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    2 months ago

    Same  "berating uncle" troll, different day.

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