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Is raw feeding cheap to feed for a Saint Bernard or is kibble better cost wise?

Where do raw feeders get their meats, bones, organs?

What are the best websites to check out?

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  • Amber
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    1 month ago

    Kibble is more likely to be cheaper. And raw or even home cooked is better but only if you get the right percentages of everything they need. So it's time consuming and takes lots of research. I went to a nutritionist for a diet tailor made to suit my dogs needs.

    I get all my meats and fish from the super market because there's only me and her and we eat a similar diet and I find it's cheaper than the butcher. I had to get bones from the butcher but now she can't chew them so I have to go for other alternatives. 

    No idea about websites as I don't bother with them. Information from the internet can be unreliable. That's why I spoke to my vet and a nutritionist before doing anything. Got them to work out a diet with me an switch her over gradually. 

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  • *****
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    1 month ago

    Kibble is cheaper in my experience (substantially) unless you have a local meat processing facility that will sell you offal and less desirable cuts very cheaply. 

    In my area, raw feeding is very popular. Organ meats and off cuts sell for ridiculous amounts of money, as do even bones removed during butchering. Demand is high, and so are prices in turn. I feed raw, and I've no idea how anyone can do it less expensively than feeding kibble unless they are a hunter and butcher their kills at home rather than at a processing facility, raise and butcher their own livestock animals, or get really lucky with sourcing and raw feeding never becomes popular where they live.  Even then, the amount you'd have to have to feed a St Bernard ... It's substantial. It is actually CHEAPER for me to feed a premade frozen raw diet now than to buy the components to piece it together myself. That wasn't the case ten years ago here, but it is now.

    As far as getting whole prey from people who shoot nuisance animals like rabbit? Good way for your dog to accidentally consume a bullet that was missed, or consume an animal that was also poisoned. A lot of people put out poisoned grain for nuisance critters in rural areas.

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  • Maxi
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    1 month ago

    Raw feeding is better for any dog, however it has to be done right so they dog has the correct nurtrients they need, so you have to research and understand the needs of the dog........ cost wise overall it is cheaper to feed raw compared to  kibble, however if you feed your dog cheap price supermarket kibble, it is more , but you also need to add in the costs of vet treatment and behaviour training with kibble fed dogs as kibble can cause more health and behaviour UTIs, allergies, poor immune systems, hyperactivity etc etc

    Many owners do not like to handle raw meat and so spend more on raw diets sold in packs ( they will cost much more)

    My local butcher( who also farms his own organic animals) provides heart, liver, kidney, tripe  weekly and as many ( free) bones as I want. I have a local poultry farm where I can get whole chickens/portions and as many chicken carcasses( free) as I want. My local fishmonger saves all the fish skins for me from( free) what they skin/fillet and I purchase some oily whole fish, The skins I dry and roll and make get 'treats'.

    Whole prey model is better still and if you know fishermen and someone who shoots rabbits etc then it is a whole food diet and often free or very cheap.

    So unless you are buying pre packed raw then the internet is no use apart from researching raw diets and nutrient needs

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