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My computer has a black screen problem!!!?

So first off yes I download the BIOS and Driver updates for my HP desktop. My graphics are the AMD Ryzen 3 3250U with Radeon Graphics of 8gb of RAM. When I always try to update my drivers from the AMD site it would get a black screen whenever I restart or shut down my PC. I would use the restore point but now I can't use it since it will say it fail in doing changes and says " nothing has change". The repaired method for windows doesn't help as well whenever I try to reboot my PC. I would have to keep turning it on and off for like 10 times! Until it finally opens and loads windows. It will show HP loading at first when I start the desktop but after that it just goes black and I would have to keep turning it off and on. I noticed also that Youtube would sometimes freeze couple of frames for videos that are 20 to 40 minutes longer and it starts to lag a lot. Even when I'm using another app and it still lags a lot. I tried getting help from AMD but they said to just update my BIOS and not to uninstall my drivers. Which i did but it still gives me the black screen. I feel like ever since I downloaded the AMD drivers update my PC has been having issues. Are certain PCs or Drivers sometimes are not meant to be updated by their product manufacturers?  Is there a program or app that can detect the issues my PC is having and recommend me to do this and that for my PC to be fixed or resolved? I know some Yahoo questions would mostly get ignored, please I need someone's help with this!

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    I can tell right off from your description that you have downloaded or allowed a driver update software on your computer and now your driver folder is totally corrupted!

    Get yourself a Linux mint live USB stick in boot your computer with it while it's booted get all of your pictures and your documents and your favorites anything that you want to keep off of your computer and onto an external drive it can be a stick or it can be a hard drive. After you have done this. Completely reinstall Windows 10. After you have done this go directly to the AMD site run the detection software so that it loads the proper AMD catalyst converter software. After it has installed then restart your computer and then you can proceed to start loading stuff back on it. do not ever download one of those driverupdate tools or allow it to be on your computer you'll wind up where the corrupted driver folder like you have now. Windows updates from Microsoft or safe don't get them from anywhere else.

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      So let me get this straight, so its mostly just do a factory reset? Once i do that and saved all of my data onto a drive do I trust AMD drivers? Because they have a software where it auto detects it for you Auto-Detect and Install Radeon™ Graphics Drivers for Windows, do i use that instead or no?

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