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Is anyone ever actually charged with sexual harassment for something over the phone?

The caller did not use foul language or direct comments or but made up for it with the the content of the made-up story he attempted to sale. He didn't use foul language or dirty descriptions. But pretended to be the perpetrator of a disgusting Act which was fully determined to be made up. Just repeated the calls, same call over and over again fully has admitted 2 making the calls 4 dirty reasons and self contained touching during. If he was charged is there any chance of getting jail time? There is a part of me that feels like I should leave it alone that this person has problems enough. Was forthcoming when's he didn't have to be and has showed remorse. Ideally I would be happy just to see him do one week of jail time. I think that would be sufficient

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    Absolutely, yes!  You will need to be more specific when you file the Police Report.  I don't know what "pretended to be the perpetrator of a disgusting act" exactly means.  Likewise, what is "self contained touching"?

    Yes, the person has enough problems, but if a child answers the phone, then the entire "game" changes.

    The person who kept call me claimed he was having sex with a child while talking to me.  No foul language, just a description.

    The Police arrested him, he was forced into counseling, he served 30 days and is on probation.  If he reoffends he's a sex offender.

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