Can anyone give a summary of how they taste or a similar food that Lamb Chops taste like?

I have never had them and wonder.  Thanks.

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  • 4 weeks ago
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    i used to love them,grilled naturally til the fat is well cooked and brown and a bit crispy also ,

    because i loved that part too if well done .

    they are very yummo tender  and  delicious  i used to think  ..

    i always have my meats well done,not even the slightest of  pink .,cant stand raw! 

    but one day i saw darling little lambs and other baby animals on show  at a shoppping centre .

    from that day on i have never eaten lamb as i cant eat a baby animal ever again ....

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      thank you

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  • 4 weeks ago

    they are very pork chops,  but easier to chew. 

    Funny story......I was in Rome, near the Trevi Fountain ,  and decided to have dinner.   I saw  "Lamb--The Roman Way"  on the menu,  and figured..........."well, when in Rome, and all that." I foolishly asked the waiter  just what precisely   "Lamb--The Roman Way"  actually meant.......

    He looked at me like I was crazy,  like,  HOWWW could I NOT know? 

    and then with an exaggerated florish.........said,   "It's  Lamb! Cooked the Roman Way! "   ( a duh!) 

    ahhhh!!!!!  well, of course !  How silly of me........that cleared that I ordered that.......not having any idea what the hell they were going to bring out. .........and it was, of course, delicious. 

    So when in Rome, be sure to get the Lamb---The Roman Way!" 

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