Extreme sweat patches?

I’ve had this problem since I was 15-16 but I’ve always had a very serious sweat problem mostly under my arms. 

I’m 26 now and it’s still as bad as it was back in school.

I’ve tried so many different deodorants roll on and spray but none do anything. Luckily my sweat doesn’t really smell but it just looks horrible when I’m wearing blue grey or any distinctive colour. 

Seems to be extremely bad when I am doing something in a social setting. 

If I’m getting ready for a meal, night out or party. 

15-30 mins into any social event I check my arms and the sweat patches will be soaked all the way through down to my hips. 

Sometimes my T-shirt is more wet then it is dry.

When I’m at home relaxing I barely sweat at all but soon as I get a message off a friend to come out or do something the sweating starts 

I think it’s starting to get me down now so really need some advice if anyone’s got anything? 

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