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What do you think would help calm the rising intensity in this country so that unnecessary violence doesn't overshadow what really matters?

In productive, effective or constructive way? What would be the solutions to address the outcry going on all over the world regarding injustice, police brutality, policing in general, racism, ignorance, and the lack of mercy, lack of human decency, and the lack of compassion to man?


Despite the world is still facing a severe pandemic that has taken its grip around the globe yet there is another kind of sickness going on in our societies globally, in our communities and affecting the lives of others, harming the lives of human beings and ending their lives violating so many rights and the right to live.

Update 2:

We're talking human lives and the decency of human beings at stake every single day while some suffer in silence especially the decency, the rights of people of color. Is this how you want to be treated or someone you know and be stripped off of their decency, humanity, human rights and all compassion taken away?

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  • 1 month ago

    People need to go back to church. 

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  • 1 month ago

    Fix the lack...........

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  • 1 month ago

    Principles of decency, honesty, service to others, family, mercy, unselfishness, self reliance, commitment to good causes, loyalty, generosity, moral decency, etc., must be taught and displayed in families. Government is powerless to fix it. 

    The root cause is the disintegration of the traditional family and there are many rebellious people today who are trying to destroy it or water it down with fake gender roles, fake genders and fighting for causes that are contrary to wholesome social norms. There is a great evil growing and too many are jumping on the band wagon.

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