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Why do I constantly feel like I’m doing something wrong?

Both of my parents are addicts, my father has been in and out of jail and my mom has been an active user. My only sister values her computer time more than talking to me and I’ve constantly tried talking to her about it but she doesn’t care. I moved out of my moms to my aunts because I couldn’t handle my mom but long story short, it didn’t last long there, and now I’m back at my moms and I am moving in to my boyfriends house this week but I’m scared I’m going to mess this up. I have to cancel BGE and Comcast because my mom is making no effort in our bills so there’s no reason to keep being billed if it’s just going to pile up. My mom and dad has stolen my money and I just think my boyfriends family thinks of me as bad too but I’m not, I’m going to school full time and I’m working. I’m just scared that when I move his family is going to look down on me. Sometimes when nobody is available I feel really isolated and down on myself. I’m just not sure why I feel these emotions all the time, could I be a drama queen or do I have a reason to be like this?

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    maybe cause youre afraid you'll mess up

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