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Polite way of addressing this with my psychiatrist?

I've been with my psychiatrist for a few years and have done psychotherapy with her. I'm starting to not agree with the advice she gives (trying to expect me to empathize with someone in another country running a background check on me when I was just having an innocent chat and didn't give my full name) and I'm at a point where I just want her to make it more medical as she is good at medication managment. What is this called so I can discuss it politely?

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    you tell her flat out that, the man is trying to steal your identity and if she has any mentally slow clients you are reporting her to the bbb because her advice if listened to could have led you to being homeless.

    better business bureau = bbb

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    • M.
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      The polite way is the direct way, for sure. 
      BBB doesn't matter much in 2020. 
      If a doctor, especially psychiatrist or psychologist is making stress, some medical overseeing board should be contacted. 
      People have enough stress without having to suffer or tolerate more stress from their treater!

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Who is the person in another country who is trying to steal your information and why are they wanting your information? 

    Why is your doctor empathizing with a foreign information thief?? I don't follow this.  There surely is no medication for identity theft. 

    Can you explain in more depth?  This really sounds bizarre.

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    Please tell this shrink to focus on your problems, and not

    Get side tracked onto other topics, suggest hypnosis for this

    Person please!

    Go easy also he could be nearing burnout, Counsellors 

    Worse nightmare, trouble is one is awake during the suffering.

    To summarise, suggest he has debriefing, do some

    Excersise meditation, mindfulness, a party would help too

    With plenty of pizza, or pepper Steak and 1 to 2 dozen

    Oysters Kilpatrick, though really delightful, oh and some

    Garlic pizza also.

    Very best wishes


    Source:) many moons ago....

    Source(s): Melbourne resteraunts
    • Jack1 month agoReport

      Lol she wants to empathize with a stranger getting all my information without my consent, I wouldn't trust her enough to be hypnotized.

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  • audrey
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    1 month ago

    When you lose trust/ confidence in your doctor It's time to change doctors. Start looking for a new one.

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  • thesun
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    1 month ago

    She wants you to start behaving normally without ongoing medication...

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    They really do not have a reason to use someone in a different country.Get another psychiatrist.This one is no good.

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  • Lv 7
    1 month ago

    you are in therapy exactly because you cannot manage your problem(s) yourself. medication is not always the solution, and should be treated as a temporary solution at that. pills do not cure you as much as guide you to a proper way to be. you can acconplish the same results without the pills. the pills are just a guide.

    the therapist always tries to keep the peace, so to speak, because they are unbiased. you can disagree all you want, but keep in mind that opinions are neither right nor wrong. her opinions should not be treated as facts, and you should not be upset by them. that you are only shows how much more work you have to do.

    besides, a therapist cannot issue prescriptions without talking and asking questions to diagnose the problem.

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