Where does organic life originate from?

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    almost all intelligent theories about the origins of life on earth, start with something from space, hitting the earth and releasing , or causing a chain reaction of chemical events, that created life. 

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  • Dr W
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    1 month ago

    helluva answer you got there from the weasel and chose as your favorite

    .. "almost all intelligent theories start with something from space hitting

    .. .earth and starting chemical chain reactions"

    Very detailed. Explains everything right?.  Problem is.. he can't define that "something", nor the reactions, nor the "something" that organized all those chemicals into YOU.


    Expanding on the weasels theory.. 

    .. energy appeared from nothing (let's not think about that).

    .. energy became fundamental particles (such as quarks) in a "soup"

    .. a couple of up quarks and a down quark turned into a proton

    .. a couple of down quarks and an up quark turned into a neutron

    .. a proton + an electron turned into an H atom

    .. an H atom + more subatomic particles became other atoms

    .. other atoms + more subatomic particles became even more atoms.

    .. P, O, N, C, N and H atoms organized themselves into 5 nucleotides (each 

    .... .. containing an average of about 25 atoms in very precise structure)

    .. a few million nucleotides paired in just the right way with a few

    .. . . .million more nucleotides to make 1 strand of DNA

    .. 26 pairs of chromosomes became your chemical makeup

    .. in addition to the makeup of you, other C, N, O, S and H atoms

    .. . ..grouped together into a variety of alkanes, alkenes, esters, carboxylic

    .. . ..acids and a whole slew of other molecules.

    .. DNA combined with various lipids, proteins and of course water to 

    ..  .. make cell walls and other things within cells

    .. on that DNA are "genes" (small sections of the DNA that become unzipped

    .. .. .. and bond with nucleic acids and phoshide chains to make messengar

    .. . .. RNA.  After the mRNA is formed, the DNA zips back together. 

    .. The messengar RNA somehow knows to transport out of the nucleus

    .. .. . of the cell into the cytoplasm and find a ribosome.  Transcript RNA

    .. .. . then magically stitches together protein molecules from the mRNA

    .. . .. inside the ribosomes to make proteins specific for the cell when it is

    .. .....specifically needed by the cell to do the cell tasks

    .. each cell is surrounded by one of those lipid/protein/water cell walls 

    .. . and allows sugars, amino acids and oxygen to enter the cell through the 

    .. . wall and waste to exit.  

    .. zillions of cells all with identical DNA each have a unique function within

    .. . your body to make YOU.  And someone the you within can control

    .. . the actions of those cells to move your arms, legs, etc.

    .. And, somehow your DNA knows to unwind and unzip and combine

    .. .with someone else's unwound unzipped DNA to reproduce another 

    .. .human with 10 toes, 10 fingers, two eyes, a brain and the rest.

    .. etc.


    we scientists are at the point where 

    .. (1) we have several theories about energy and fundamental particles

    .. . .. and how they come together to form subatomic particles.  All are still 

    .. . . .theories.

    .. (2) we cannot explain why 2 ups and a down quark form a proton while

    .. . . .2 downs and an up form a neutron. etc and why those are predomiinate

    .. . .. "matter" in our universe.

    .. (3) we have good understanding of why protons and electrons come 

    .. .. . .together (electrostatic forces), but we have sketchy theories about

    . .. . .why protons + neutrons + electrons in particular "orbitals" form stable

    .. . ... atoms. Current thoughts are neutron shell + variations of quantum 

    .. . . ..mechanics and dynamics.  

    .. (4) our understanding of nuclear fusion and nuclear fission to form atoms

    .. . .. of all the various naturally occurring elements is based on our

    .. . .. understanding of driving forces in chemical and nuclear rxns but

    .. .... is very sketchy. 

    .. (5) we have reaction mechanism and thermodynamic theories about

    .. . . .why and how chemicals react but we cannot explain how the nucletides

    .. . . .managed to form from a pool of atoms of various elements and how they

    .. .. ..became the predominant 5 nucleotides in all life on Earth.

    .. (6) we can't explain how the first nucleotides combined to form DNA

    .. .. .. RNA, nor the first proteins

    .. (7) we can't explain why the first cells were formed from proteins, water

    .. . . .lipids, DNA, RNA etc. 

    .. (8) we can't explain why DNA unzips and replicates into mRNA which 

    .. . .. then makes proteins in Ribosomes.  We understand the mechanisms

    . . .. .now but not the why it happens

    .. (9) we can't explain how or why zillions of cells along with other chemicals

    .. . . ..like hemoglobin, etc, becomes YOU.

    .. (10) a theory for why DNA is as long and diverse as it is 

    .. . . .. is because those "living" cells were exposed to environmental factors

    .. .. . .that caused the DNA to change for the better (by elimination of the 

    .. .. . .weakest DNA)


    People like Weasel like to wrap up all that "why this happened" and "sketchy theories" and "we don't know" into 1 statement.. .... "the something from space".... claim which he is desperately trying to convince all of mankind of.  Look at his opening statement.. "almost all INTELLIGENT theories"... immediately claiming anyone who disagrees with him is stupid.

    The fact of the matter is... we don't know.  We have theories and guesses to explain some of the basic stuff, but we cannot explain nearly all of the "where does organic life come from."


    Three other things to think about.  (1) If organic living molecules are effected by our environment (which we believe to be true), and if the foundation for those molecules is extraterrestrial (as Weasel thinks), how is it possible they started elsewhere, traveled through space and time unscathed, then landed here on Earth and started those vague chemical reactions.  Wouldn't it be simpler to say, those "foundations" were started here on Earth?  Why do people like Weasel always revert to "it must have started somewhere other than Earth".  Why would that be more "intelligent" than simply saying it started here? Why would other "worlds" have chemicals we don't have here on Earth? (2)  If indeed our organic molecules are effected by our environment (which we all believe true),  and we have specific chemical reactions that occur in specific blends of chemical reactants, catalysts, temperature, pressure, and reaction residence time, then why would we believe "life" on any other world would look anything like life here on Earth?  Why would other lifeforms even operate in our same timeframe? Here on Earth we estimate reaction rates double for every 10°C change in temperature right? (3) How did those scientific laws that led to all those theories come to be?  Why is energy minimized in chemical reactions?  Why is entropy increasing?  etc. What in nature set all those natural processes in place and motion in the beginning of our universe?  Weasels "it came from outer space" claim is pure nonsense. He has no way of knowing that.


    Weasel has no answers for you.  He's just spewing out a GUESS he's heard from someone else with absolutely no thoughts of his own.  Probably to attack those who try to answer all the "why" and "something started something" questions with God. 

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  • david
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    1 month ago

    The real origination??  A million or more years ago there was no life on Earth.  Then some water arrived .. probably from many comets hitting earth.  All the non-organic substances .. N (as ammonia) and C as CO2 were exposed to high energy lightening.  The thousands of possibilities of recombining these elements over millions of lightening strikes per year for many years finally hit upon the right combination forming amino acids  .. the building blocks of cells.  all those amino acids floating around eventually reacted forming bigger organic molecules .. etc .. etc .. etc .. until eventually the right combination hits for LIFE.  Origingally life was probably a small virus .. more ineractions .. eventually makes other forms of life.. ETC...until eventually WE are here.

      ====  There was no magic man who just said "let there be life",  THAT IS JUST TO AMAZE LITTLE KIDS.

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    • Dr W
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      OOps.. I meant to say... "please enlighten all of us with truth o great wise one"... not write your best guesses... my bad. 

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    • Dr W
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      regardless of the theological debates going on here. ... "evolution" (your answer Chris) doesn't answer the questions of WHY life happened. 

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  • 1 month ago

    Living matter comes from outside. To all the laws of God

    • Dr W
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