Will using a Brita filter cup in the bathroom sink work ?

I am a security card and I work at homeowners association.  I had bought a 24 pack of bottle of water and put it in the guard shack but somebody had drink at least half of them which I noticed when came into work the next day.  The only access I have is to a clubhouse with a bathroom sink.  I take public transportation so no car.  Buying bottled water everyday is expensive. I do carry a bottle with me that I can fill up with water machine. The issue is half the time to water machine is out of order.  I have heard and read drinking tap water from the bathroom can be dangerous because of lead, can actually get small amounts of others medicine they poured down the sink or flushed.  I figured a Brita filter cup won't eliminate everything but will make the water may be somewhat drinkable.  

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  • Anonymous
    4 months ago

    It would depend, I think, on what it is you're tryi g to remove from the water. I'm in the UK and I just drink water out of the tap. I don't know whether it's “safe” to do this is other countries (I always thought it was in USA, Australia, Europe etc.) or wether the water just has a bad taste.

    If the water is carried in lead pipes then the tap needs to be run for a few minutes if it's not been used for a while (like overnight in a house) to get of any high levels of lead that could have leached into the water lying in the pipes. There's no reason why there should be more lead in the water coming from a bathroom tap.

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