what are the best socket LGA 1155 processors?

mainly interested in the quad core

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    I'm only listing quad-core processors with Hyperthreading. I'm not going to bother listing the quad-core i5 processors like the 2500k or 3570k.  

    Core i7-3770k @3.5ghz with a single core turbo of 3.9ghz. Unlocked multiplier and overclockable with a P67, z68, or z77 motherboard.

    Core i7-3770 @ 3.4ghz with a single core turbo of 3.8ghz. With most P67, z68, or z77 motherboards the multiplier will cap at 42x or 43x and you have a little bit of adjustment with the baseclock. People believe these aren't overclockable, but rather a non-K CPU is overclocking limited.

    Xeon E3-1290 v2 @3.7ghz with a single core turbo of 4.1ghz. Like the i7 versions, This Xeon does have Hyperthreading but it lacks integrated Graphics. 

    With the Xeon E3 processors, The multiplier and baseclock are Hard Locked which mean you won't be able to overclock it, period. You'll have to do some research to see if your motherboard has BIOS compatibility with a Xeon E3 CPU. 

    There are other Xeon v2 processors like the E3-1240 v2, E3-1245 v2, E3-1280 v2, etc. Any Xeon E3 CPu with a "0" at the end of the name lacks an iGPU and Xeons with "5" at the end of the name have an iGPU.

    There are 2nd Generation processors which aren't that far behind the 3rd Generation in terms of performance.

    Core i7-2700k @3.5ghz with a single core Turbo of 3.9ghz

    Core i7-2600k @ 3.4ghz with a single core Turbo of 3.8ghz

    Core i7-2600 @3.4ghz with a single core Turbo of 3.8ghz

    There are also 2nd Gen Sandy Bridge Xeons like the E3-1245, E3-1280, E3-1290, etc. 

    Other processors like the Core i7-4770k, i7-4790k, i7-6700k, i7-9700k, etc and etc simply will not work on a socket 1155 motherboard. There are no socket adapters or any way to make a newer chip work with a motherboard that is not compatible. The chipset on the motherboard is built to suit a certain line of processors, and the BIOS is written in a way that it will only recognize the CPU's that belong with that motherboard. On top of that, Intel processors and sockets have a notch on them that will prevent you from being able to fully seat a non compatible processor. 

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      6th and 7th Gen processors like the i7-6700k and 7700k only work with socket 1151 motherboards that have a 100-series or 200-series chipset. 8th and 9th Gen processors like the 8700k and 9900k only work with socket 1151 motherboards that have a 300-series chipset

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