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Why Vince Carter Finally Officially Retired This 2020 Via The Return And Continuation Of The 2019-2020 NBA Regular Seasons On 31st July?

Which Means The Atlanta Hawks Left Out And The Virtue As They Heard That Vincent Lamar Carter Jr. Will Be Officially Retired From The NBA Ending His 22-Season Reign So Thank You Vince And Happy Retirement #ThankYouVince


Vinsanity's NBA Career For 22 Seasons Is Spectacular And I Will Tell Weasel McWeasel About Vince And His Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall Of Fame Ambitions After This 

Update 2:

It's Season Not Seasons As A Incorrect Word Sorry! 

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    dude.........I read this 3 times, and can't even FAKE an answer. 

    You're gonna have to try to be just a little more coherent. 

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