What’s the most sex zodiac sign ?

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  • Janet
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    1 month ago
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    Our "zodiac sign" is our SUN sign .. easy to find, so easy to write about and make money ... not real astrology and merely a money-making gimmick.

    Sun represents the behaviors we use to try to feel better about ourselves, to develop a sense of inner self-fulfillment.  How easy or difficult it is to meet this need depends on how Sun "aspects" any of the OTHER 9 planets.

    But Sun has nothing to do with our sex drive.

    Moon is our emotions, so Moon has some influence on our sexuality.

    Venus is our need to relate to others, so Venus has some influence on our sexuality.

    Mars is our need to go after whatever it is we want, and how we take action, so Mars has some influence on our sexuality.

    But Sun has NO influence on our sexuality, and if all you are going to use is the Sun sign, you are only considering 2% of the entire birth chart for a given individual. And no two people are astrologically identical.

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