Could NYC eventually annex Long Island and surrounding areas, and become its own state?

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  • DON W
    Lv 7
    4 months ago

    Could it?  Yes.

    Will it?  No.

    It would require first permission from New York State, which is unlikely, and more importantly, would require permission from the US Congress.  As this stand now, with a Republican Senate and a Republican President, they would never approve a 51st state given that the new state would almost certainly vote Democratic.

  • 4 months ago

    If the states are to be redrawn for all possible levels of fairness, many things works change.  Many are political, and this controls funding, employmeny, etc.  California could easily be 4 or more states - each with 2 Senators.  There should be ONE state made from both Dakotas.  Other Central Western States could easily combine for fairness.  Of course, the outdated Electoral College would be abolished. School districts would all be equally funded.  The enormity of doing all this - coupled with the local pride and loyalty of millions - means this all will never happen.  The very best we can do is to require FAIR district apportionment, and outlaw gerrymandering. Voting needs to be fair for all.  We now have the chance to do this.  VOTE!!!!

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