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I told my boyfriend I felt used by him and since then he hasn't kissed me?

Since he is more experienced than me he is the one who kisses me and starts everything, very often he makes me lay down and kiss me on my chest and su*** them like a baby, I just felt like I was used by him because I am not so experienced and I love him, so I let him do that because of my feelings for him. I told him while crying, you don't love me, you just use me. He couldn't believe it, said he loved me and that he just feels like kissing me and he never thought that kissing me made me feel so dirty, was shocked and didn't even argue, he was just sad and destroyed by what I said, to the point that he hasn't touched me since then. What do you expect, he said. You made me feel like one of those criminals. I am not. And he was about to cry and got up and got out. We haven't gone for a walk in days. He hasn't smiled to me since then. He is always serious. When I ask him if we are still a couple, if he still loves me, he says yes, and only when I cry he holds me. But he hasn't kissed me or touched me again. I feel like we'll never get back the way we used to do. Sometimes I feel sorry about hurting him sometimes I feel like he has hurt me using me as his plaything, always taking me to bed and rubbing his hands and face on my breasts and kissing me. He always begged me to take off my shirt. Now he acts like he's a saint. I wanted him before, when I still didn't know this side of him and he was so caring and protective of me

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    You are lucky!  Most in this situation would soon be Attacked!  He is caring and interested in your welfare. He will not start again until you have both figured this out.  You may have to start the next time.  It would be best if both of you took up Praying to God about this.  Do both of you believe in God?  How about Jesus that God sent? 

    Real Love can only be felt by people that do Beleive in God! 

    Atheists cannot feel anymore than each of their own Lust, for only each of their own wants! So are very selfish and self centered people. 

    How about if you both did decide to stop having sex until you were both married?  if either of you do not want to be married; you certainly should not be thinking about sex.  What if a baby was to come while not married? 

    Think about these and other things that are serious in life! 

    Pray more with God. 

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